Metal Ceiling Radiant Panel

eCLIMA: a smart solution

Energy Srl has developed an innovative radiant system - eCLIMA - whose key element is a layer of expanded graphite embedding the heat exchanger, where heat transfers between the circulating fluid and the radiating surface.

Expanded Graphite

Mineral Crystalline graphite flake is the starting material for the manufacture of expandable graphite.
Mineral graphite is usually found either as inclusions in various metamorphic rocks, or concentrated in the silts and clays that result from their erosion. The Graphite is recovered from the ore by crushing and flotation, and it is then treated to obtain flakes whose carbon content is up to 94-98%.
Crystalline graphite consists of stacks of parallel planes of carbon atoms.

Because no covalent bonding exists between the planes, other molecules can be inserted between them. This process, known as intercalation, is essential for the production of expandable graphite, where sulfuric acid is inserted into the graphite When the intercalated graphite is exposed to heat, the inserted molecules decompose to generate gas. The graphite layer planes are forced apart by the gas and the graphite expands. The expanded graphite is a low-density, non-burnable, highly conductive, physically inert, environmentally compatible and recyclable material.
These properties are the basis of the efficiency of eCLIMA system.

Metal Ceiling Radiant Panel
Metal Ceiling Radiant Panel
Metal Ceiling Radiant Panel

The pictures on the left show the temperature distribution on eCLIMA radiant panel surface operating in cooling (top) and heating (bottom) mode. The graphs on the right show the distribution along the y axis of the panel.
Furthermore the low density combined with good conductivity of expanded graphite provides another im portant property of this system: low thermal inertia.

The result is a radiating system with surfaces that are heated or chilled very quickly, so that the regulation of the environment temperature can be rapid and accurate.

The graph reports the measured temperature of the air next to an eCLIMA radiant panel as a function of the time elapsed from its activation: The radiant ceiling panel achieves the desired temperature within 5 minutes only. No temperature fluctuation occurs since then.

Metal Ceiling Radiant Panel

eCLIMA radiant system: Energy Saving

Since Energy Srl radiant system provides homogeneous temperature inside the room, good comfort is achieved with smaller difference between indoor and outdoor temperature.

Consequently the temperature of the circulating water can be lower in heating mode and higher in cooling mode, if compared to traditional systems; leading to energy saving up to 40%.

Metal Ceiling Radiant Panel

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