Energy srl at MCE with SMART BUILDING

Energy srl at MCE with SMART BUILDING

Energy srl at MCE with SMART BUILDING

Publication date: 1 March 2016

Energy srl at the next MCE will present a range of products for plant engineering designed to exchange information and energy among themselves; the system is made up of a thermo-photovoltaic generator with storage, a helium-assisted heat pump, and a system for managing domestic loads through EnOcean wireless systems.

The system manages and controls the energy flows from their production to their use, maximizing the self-consumption of available solar energy transformed into electrical and thermal energy.

The remote monitoring integrated into the system allows you to prevent, through precognitive diagnostic algorithms, equipment breakages by promptly intervening assistance, relieving the user of the complications arising from the management and use of complex systems.

Within the session "TOWARDS ENERGY SELF-SUFFICIENCY", ENERGY srl will present the seminar "Technology and attention to the environment within everyone's reach".

ENERGY srl Hall 2 Stand R41 S42



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