Pylontech Force range

Pylontech Force range

Pylontech Force range

Publication date: 8 July 2020

Energy presents the Pylontech Force range of high and low voltage batteries. Usable in both residential and commercial applications, these stackable and without cables batteries have been designed to be quick and easy to install. Certified according to VDE 3510 battery safety standard.

The base module is 3.5 kWh and is available in two shapes, wider and lower or narrower and high, to meet all space requirements. It’s called LFP lithium.

  • MAIN FEATURES - Product type: modular storage system with overlap assembly.
  • Electrical characteristics: power of 3.55 kWh per module, 90% depth of discharge, 6000 cycles; for high or low voltage systems. Connection between modules without cables. Connection with inverter / charger with cables included.
  • Dimensions: Two possible shape ratios: 600x380x 170 mm or 450x300x 300 mm
  • Mechanical characteristics: Self-supporting, stackable modules. Connection between interlocking modules. Weight: 35 kg each single module



Pylontech US2000 lithium battery represents the latest technological frontier for photovoltaic storage applications, with an extended 10-year warranty. The simplicity and modularity of the 2.4 kWh capacity US2000 makes it suitable to realize small and large capacity storage systems and expandable according to current and future energy needs. The maximum instantaneous charge and discharge power and the depth of discharge up to 90% make it suitable for applications where there are strong hint, such as heat pumps or induction cookers.

LFP lithium technology also has the following advantages:

  • longer life cycle, which exceeds 6000 cycles, corresponding to about 15 years of work, with an 80% end-of-life capacity;
  • the more stable and safer internal molecular structure of LFP batteries, allows an increase in combustion temperature equal to 600 ° C compared to 300 ° C for NMC and LCO;
  • ease of expansion to achieve large-scale storage;
  • greater depth of discharge (DOD 90%);
  • compact and modular design that allows for easy installation / upgrade;
  • possibility to operate under different temperature conditions;
  • Advanced BMS that allows you to report alarms in real time.
  • Monitoring and assistance included, 10 year warranty

Each element of 50 Ah with a height of 2 rack units high, is easily installed in special rack-holder cabinets.

In the case of accumulation systems with EPS anti black-out mode, the indications of ENERGY srl regarding the minimum quantity of installed modules must be followed.

Please refer to the available material in the download section.



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