Three-phase Hybrid Inverters CEI 021 for lithium storage Solax X ‐ Hybrid T Series –  The new generation of three-phase inverters.

Three-phase Hybrid Inverters CEI 021 for lithium storage Solax X ‐ Hybrid T Series – The new generation of three-phase inverters.

Three-phase Hybrid Inverters CEI 021 for lithium storage Solax X ‐ Hybrid T Series –  The new generation of three-phase inverters.

Publication date: 11 October 2016

In 2017, a new and very interesting strategic market opens, that of storage supplies for private users, both for home use sizes and for commercial / industrial sizes.

Solax Power Ltd, a company specialized in the production of hybrid inverters for photovoltaic systems, in Italy collaborates exclusively with Energy srl ( for the import and technical development of these products, throughout the national territory. In addition to the traditional strong points, or the single-phase hybrid inverters for the household sector, we discover the features and advantages of the new three-phase hybrid inverters for photovoltaic and lithium storage.


The X ‐ Hybrid T inverter will be an IP65 high voltage inverter, therefore also suitable for outdoor installations, capable of integrally supporting LG Chem Resu lithium storage systems and Pylontech extra 2000 high voltage batteries.

The three-phase sizes are from 5 - 6 - 8 and 10 kW, which can be parallelized up to 10, to reach powers up to 100 kW. They can be installed both in retrofit, from the second energy bill forward, both on the new, benefiting from the tax allowance of 50%.

The X-Hybrid T inverters have the EPS function that allows the users to be powered by the system even in the event of a grid blackout, they support the imbalances between the phases and are equipped with an initial starting point equal to double the maximum power supplied. They are equipped, as standard, with a wi-fi or ethernet monitoring system.


The three-phase X-Hybrid inverter is available in 3 solutions: with Pylontech lithium batteries, with LG Chem lithium batteries, with lead batteries.

Because of the increasing technological development and cyclical modality required by storage systems, currently lithium batteries have now outpaced lead batteries. The reason is in the shorter life of the lead systems and in the faster decrease in performance, accompanied therefore by a greater request for assistance and replacements, which does not happen to lithium. Finally, lead guarantees are about half the amount of lithium battery guarantees.


The plug and play installation is very simple, and compared to all in one systems the weights of the individual components are reduced and allow the installation even by a single installer.
In case of maintenance of a single battery, the system continues to work with the other or as a traditional photovoltaic system, without compromising the functionality of the entire system. Maintenance actions are not required and anyway X ‐ Hybrid has a free wifi or ethernet monitoring system that collects data and organizes them on a dedicated server for monitoring and control the functionality, where it can be accessed with user and password.


Energy srl is aimed at specialized photovoltaic distribution, that in turn offers X hybrid through its installers portfolio.


Training and technical information for retailers and installers who will then propose the product to the final customer is essential. We operate throughout Italy to hold in-depth courses for installers, within roadshows organized by our partner distributors. For info -



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