Photovoltaic system in Contrada Carmito Lentini (SR) Italy

Contrada Carmito Lentini (SR) Sicilia

Installed products:
> zeroCO2 - XL System 240K - DC Bus 680-1000V

Energia accumulata: 120 kW di potenza e 270 kWh di accumulo

In this 120 kW photovoltaic plant, commissioned by Greensun, the products of the new extra large zeroCO2 line were installed as an accumulation and control system.

The control system is made up of wo ACDC PCS (Power Control System) and two DCDC PCS, while three zeroCO2 XL - Rack 120 kWh cabinets were used as storage for a storage capacity of 270 kWh.

Installed products

zeroCO2 - XL System 240K - DC Bus 680-1000V
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18 January 2022

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