zeroCO2 DCM

Dynamic Charging Management

The zeroCO2 DCM (Dynamic Charging Management) accessory allows you to control and connect multiple zeroCO2 sun charger wall boxes in parallel.

It can manage from 2 to 15 single-phase, three-phase or combined zeroCO2 sun charger stations.

It can be connected to systems with hybrid inverters from the zeroCO2 range for load compensation and compatible with products from the zeroCO2 XL range for load compensation and monitoring on the zeroCO2 Cloud platform.

Eps Box 1p and 3p

Eps Box for the use of inverters in the event of a grid blackout

The Eps Box, mono-phase and three-phase, in accordance with the provisions of the standard (cf. CEI0-21 ed 2019 par. 8.4.3), allows you to use the inverter for emergency services in the absence of the grid, allowing the loads to be powered both from the public network and the power production installation, avoiding parallel operation with the distributor network, through interlocked contactors.

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Tigo Optimization

The TS4-A-O (Optimization) is the advanced add-on optimization solution that brings smart module functionality to standard PV modules for higher reliability. Improve energy efficiency by upgrading underperforming PV systems or adding smart features to new installations.

TS4-A-O supports PV modules up to 700Wp.

Main features:

Easy Installation


Module-level monitoring