Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide buildings a better comfort and energy efficiency and to provide people a natural wellbeing during their indoor living or daily working in a modern and environmentally sustainable style. Energy saving and alternative energy is a must for our mission.

Energy Srl wants to confirm as a trustable and flexible OEM supplier for leading market players, providing cutting edge products with a proper mix of high technology and cost effectiveness.


Energy Srl srl is a newco founded by international team of engineers and entrepreneurs with know-how and business experience on air conditioning technologies and applications using the expanded graphite.

The increasing demand of advanced air conditioning equipment, which combine comfort and energy efficiency, by using renewable energy and materials with low environmental impact, has pushed Energy Srl to design a products range which meet, individually or combined in an integrated system, these requirements and are more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional ones, and for this reason, usable in green building field.

Energy Srl was able to achieve this ambitious target by implementing a technology transfer on the use of the expanded graphite, from hi-tech sectors, such as consumer electronics and automotive industries, to the field of industrial and civil hydrothermal plant.

The physical properties of the expanded graphite, especially its high conductivity and low thermal inertia, allow realizing innovative and advanced applications.
Energy Srl is able to offer integrated applications to be included in passive house solution.

The current products portfolio of Energy Srl consists of:

  • Radiant metal ceiling
  • Normal and thermal hybrid solar panels;
  • PV energy storage systems;
  • Plastics and rubbers material filled with graphite to increase the thermal conductivity and other physical and electrical properties

Different types of fillers based on graphite are available as a function of the different technological needs.



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