zeroCO2 Hybrid Inverters

zeroCO2 island 3.6 and 6 kW Off-Grid

These inverters are dedicated for off-grid applications.

Available with power from 3.6 and 6 kW.

Multi inverter connection in single-phase or three-phase up to 9 units:

  • Single-phase configurations from 3.6 to 54 kW with multiple parallel inverters;
  • Three-phase configurations from one to three inverters per phase connected in parallel for powers from 10.8 kW to 54 kW;

Equipped with high voltage MPPT (from 120 to 430 Vdc), it can operate without batteries powered by grid and / or PV and / or power generator.

NOTE: Only the white color is available in stock.

Main features:

2 year guarantee

Auto-Restart function when the grid or the PV returns

93% Efficiency

zeroCO2 small 3-6 kW

Single-phase Hybrid Inverter for Storage

This is the range of single-phase hybrid inverters designed for residential applications, with a power range from 3 to 6 kW. Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, cooled by natural convection, they are particularly quiet, easy to install, reliable and durable. In contrast with other offers on the market, the zeroCO2 small units are equipped with a large graphic display that, through a synopsis of the home system, allows immediate reading of operating data directly on the machine. These inverters can be combined with Pylontech and LG Chem batteries. They are standard equipped with the back-up function which allows you to power privileged loads in the event of a blackout.

Main features:


Possibility of “zero grid entry” function

7" color LCD graphic display

Powerful 100 A battery charger for the 4.6 - 5 and 6 kW models

Input currents up to 15A to manage the new generation photovoltaic modules

Equipped for the EPS function in case of grid blackout

zeroCO2 large 5-10 kW

Three-phase Hybrid Inverter for Storage

Three-phase hybrid inverters with powers ranging from 6 to 10 kW. Ideal for residential applications, they can also be used for commercial and industrial applications thanks to the possibility of being installed in parallel up to 10 units (100 kW max). They are compatible with the Pylontech high voltage battery family. As with the zeroCO2 small, the back up function is available for the large range even when units are connected in parallel.

Main features:


Compatible with Pylontech batteries

Possibility of “zero grid entry” function

Equipped for the EPS function in case of grid blackout

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