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ZeroCO2 - XL Box

Container On Grid

The ZeroCO2 - XL Box (118/236)K series is a plug & play system for managing, converting and exploiting energy in systems with high power demand and storage size where deferred use for several hours of all the accumulated energy is needed.

The solution is of the containerized type, inside which the electrochemical storage batteries and the electrical power panel are housed, including PCS converters, EMS device, on-board disconnectors and panel protections; all factory pre-wired up to the user side interfaces.

The configuration is available in 20ft or 40ft containers, the modularity on the storage and inverter side and the possibility of connecting several systems in parallel without a maximum limit, make it particularly suitable for outdoor installations with a large surface area and accumulations of over one MWh per box.


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Main features:

Possibility of parallel installation

Compatible with Pylontech batteries