C&I storage systems for large plants

Large-Scale Storage Systems, Grid Scale

zeroCO2 - XL BESS 125 kWh

zeroCO2 - XL BESS 125 kWh rack cabinets for storage

zeroCO2 - BESS 125K is an energy storage system based on high voltage Li-ion (LFP) lithium batteries, to be combined with the zeroCO2 - XL System.

Each rack can hold up to 26 Pylontech model H32148-C battery modules, for a nominal storage capacity of 125 kWh.

The battery modules are connected in series inside the rack and managed by a BMS controller which monitors their state of charge and safety.

Main features:

Compatible with Pylontech batteries



2 year guarantee

zeroCO2 - XL System 240K - DC Bus 680-1000V

zeroCO2 - XL System 240K Cabinet

ZeroCO2 extra large is a modular storage system ranging in size from commercial to utility scale.

The energy conversion is carried out through a PCS (Power Conversion System) available in the sizes of 30 kW or 60 kW and replicable in parallel up to 10 units.

The PCS find themselves in a dedicated cabinet together with the AC and DC protections as well as the EMS (Energy Management System). The latter is the heart of the storage system operation, through it it is possible to program and monitor the charge and discharge of the batteries according to the needs of the application, from maximum self-consumption to peak shaving, even scheduling by calendar and time slots.

Main features:

Compatible with Pylontech batteries

2 year guarantee