Energy, sold the first "XL100" Energy Storage System designed for solar agricolture


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Energy's commitment to technological innovation and energy sustainability continues: the objective is to intercept the new challenges of the agrisolar segment in addition to the Commercial & Industrial segment

Sant'Angelo di Piove di Sacco (Padua), October 5, 2023 - The Italian energy system is experiencing a great transformation. The strong growth of non-programmable sources leads to estimate that by 2030 the renewable energy plants in Italy will increase by 85 GW. In this transition, energy storage systems, in particular large ones to be used in the so-called Commercial & Industrial (C&I) segment, will play a fundamental role in achieving the decarbonisation goals set by European regulators.

To best seize the opportunities that this segment may present, Energy S.p.A - a leading company in innovation in the energy sector and active in the production of storage systems, listed on the stock exchange in the Euronext Growth Milan segment - has created an Extra Large storage solution (called zeroCO2 XL) dedicated to large buildings such as factories, production plants, shopping centers, supermarkets, agrivoltaic sites and large properties.

Energy today announces the first sale of an indoor version of the XL100 zeroCO2 system expressly designed to target the new agri-solar segment. It is an integral part of the XL range, which has over 50 systems sold and installed, ranging in size from 125 kWh to 1,200 KWh. The XL100 system just sold will be installed in the operational plant of an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) company in the province of Cremona (Lombardia Region). The XL100 is an all-in-one system that has been created to maximize self- consumption of energy, significantly reducing companies' dependence on the traditional electricity grid. The EPC company will use the product as a demonstration plant for its customers. A collaboration that could become a partnership agreement with this EPC, expanding the diffusion of zeroCO2 XL systems in the C&I market.

“The sale of the first XL100 represents a moment of great importance for Energy S.p.A.” commented Ignazio Borelli, commercial manager of Energy S.p.A. “With Energy's proprietary software, zeroCO2 XL100 is able to optimally manage all the benefits of energy storage, allowing companies to confidently navigate towards a greener and more sustainable energy future.”

XL100 by Energy: product features - It is an all-in-one energy storage solution with a capacity of 100 kWh and a power of 60kW. It is designed to respond flexibly and efficiently to the needs of the agrivoltaic sector and beyond, offering easy installation and the possibility of being placed in parallel with multiple units.

The new challenges of agrivoltaics - The agrivoltaic sector is facing numerous challenges; for companies, it will be essential to reduce their dependence on the traditional electricity grid. The recent agricultural park tender, with a total budget of around 1 billion euros for non- refundable contributions, aims to encourage the development of renewable energy and the reduction of production costs for companies, with a maximum spending limit eligible set at 100,000 euros for storage systems and 30,000 euros for charging devices. Energy S.p.A., promptly responding to these new needs, has developed XL100, a system perfectly in line with the needs of the tender.

This innovation is proposed as an ideal solution for maximizing energy self-consumption, allowing companies to navigate towards a greener and more sustainable energy future.

Energy S.p.A.'s commitment in the transition towards a sustainable energy future doesn't stop here. The Company will continue to invest in research and development, in Italy, to offer increasingly efficient, sustainable and innovative products, confirming its leading position in the energy storage market.


Energy S.p.A., founded in 2013 by Davide Tinazzi, Andrea Taffurelli and Massimiliano Ghirlanda and listed from 1 August 2022 on the Euronext Growth Milan market of the Italian Stock Exchange, is a company with operational headquarters in the province of Padua, sector leader in the supply of systems of energy storage, both for residential use and for large-scale applications. These systems allow energy to be stored and released according to customers' energy needs. To date, there are over 60,000 systems sold by Energy and already installed throughout the country, dedicated to the residential, commercial, industrial, utilities and electric mobility markets. As of June 30, 2023, the value of production was 40.1 million euros, revenues were 39.3 million and net profit was 5.5 million. Among the most important projects carried out are the large plant in Comiso, Sicily, consisting of an agrivoltaic system and a photovoltaic field; the large plant dedicated to the CAAB in Bologna; the Smart Grids in numerous municipalities in Sardinia and Lombardy, a Condominium Energy Community in Switzerland where the individual hubs exchange energy according to needs. Energy's sales channels include both general distributors of electrical equipment and photovoltaic specialists and the company also works with large European EPCs. The proximity of Energy's logistics to the offices of the main distributors has led the company to have solid partnerships with players on the Italian and European markets. The company purchases components from major international suppliers and combines them with proprietary software called “ZeroCO2” into systems that comply with European Union standards.



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