zeroCO2 XL indoor at Biotechnology Research Laboratory


Installed products:

Storage 250 kWh | Power 120 kW

This Cremona laboratory represents excellence in biotechnological research for animal reproduction.

By adopting the latest technologies, it not only pursues the frontier of science, but also strives to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, demonstrating a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability.

Inverter: 2 Power Control System of 60 kW
Accumulo: 2 zeroCO2 XL BESS cabinets (total storage of 250 kWh)

Demand and Functionality of Storage

The installation of the energy storage system was a key move for the laboratory, allowing it to store excess solar energy produced and use it at times of higher demand.

This system allows a significant reduction in the load on the power grid and promotes significant energy autonomy.

Benefits to the laboratory

The adoption of a 120kW / 250 kWh zeroCO2 storage system has led to a considerable reduction in energy costs and promoted greener operations.

The laboratory not only benefits from increased energy security but also actively contributes to the fight against climate change by reducing its carbon footprint.

Installed products

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