zeroCO2 XL indoor for Production and processing of paper for hygienic and sanitary use,


Installed products:

Storage 120 kWh | Power 60 kW

This company stands out in the paper industry for its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Specializing in the production of toilet paper and sanitary products, it adopts state-of-the-art manufacturing practices to minimize its environmental impact, expressing its dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Inverter: 1 Power Control System da 60 kW
Storage: 1 cabinet zeroCO2 XL BESS (total storage of120 kWh)

Demand and Functionality of Storage

Investment in an energy storage system is part of a company strategy to optimize resource use and reduce CO2 emissions. This system not only provides renewable energy for production processes but also enables the company to reduce dependence on the power grid, significantly cutting operating costs.

Benefits for the company

The implementation of the 60kW / 120 kWh zeroCO2 plant has had a positive impact on both the environment and the company's financial statements. By reducing energy consumption from fossil fuels and increasing self-consumption of green energy, the company has demonstrated how sustainable practices can go hand in hand with economic success.

Installed products

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