zeroCO2 XL indoor at Olive mill in Sardinia

Gonnosfanadiga, Sud Sardegna

Installed products:

Storage 250 kWh | Power 60 kW

Frantoio Foddi is rooted in the history and traditions of the Gonnosfanadiga area, where the passion for olive growing has been passed down from generation to generation.

Today, by adopting modern cultivation techniques, Sisinnio and his family have elevated the quality of their oil, respecting the land and its ancient traditions.

Inverter: 1 Power Control System of 60 kW
Accumulo: 2 zeroCO2 XL BESS cabinets (total storage of 250 kWh)

Demand and Functionality of Storage

With the aim of reducing its ecological footprint and enhancing the value of its natural heritage, Frantoio Foddi has invested in an energy storage system that allows solar energy to be stored and used in production processes.

This step forward in self-consumption results in more efficient and sustainable energy management, ensuring operational continuity and quality in oil production.

Installation by Solar Domus

Solar Domus expertise in renewable energy allowed Frantoio Foddi to integrate the photovoltaic system with the storage system without affecting the beauty and integrity of the surrounding landscape.

Benefits for the Olive Mill

With the installation of the new zeroCO2 XL storage system, Frantoio Foddi has not only reduced its dependence on the electricity grid, but also seen a significant drop in energy costs. This eco-responsible initiative not only strengthens the mill's image as a leader in sustainable olive oil production but also contributes to the preservation of Sardinia's natural and cultural heritage.

Installed products

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